Spotlight Skarlat RSLC7560 28W WH+BK 4000K

Temperature Color:
Angle, degrees: 35
Luminous flux, Lm: 2247
IP rating: IP20
Collection: ORA
Type: Surface-mounted
Style: Hi-Tech
Material: Aluminum
Guarantee: 5 years
High-voltage: 220-240V
Light source type: LED module
Type of LED: Bridgelux E13
Power, W: 28
Color rendering index, RA: ≥90
Height, mm: 160
Length, mm: 75
Diameter, mm: 110
A surface-mounted spot from the ORA collection. Thanks to its rotating design, this series is perfect as an accent light — the light beam is directed exclusively to the subject, effectively highlighting it against the background. It will seamlessly integrate into any interior. Moreover, it can also be used as the main lighting. The main light source is a powerful LED that emits a soft and comfortable light stream. The series consists of two fixtures with power ratings of 12W and 28W.

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