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We are a Ukrainian lighting manufacturer. We are always ready to provide you with creative, professional, trendy, first-class lighting design solutions, while meeting the standards of excellent quality and pleasant prices.

Our value  is quality light that meets all standards.

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Our large product range is constantly being updated with new trend lighting. Constantly studying new trends, responding to the needs of our customers, we regularly expand our product range.

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We offer reliable equipment with high lighting and performance characteristics and a unique design. It is of the utmost importance to us that the equipment we produce meets the highest requirements.

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Our lighting design is built on the concept of functionalism. We make an effort to ensure that every detail is perfect. Despite the minimalist design, our luminaires are the result of a lot of hard work. They combine cutting-edge technology, the latest design trends and environmentally friendly materials.

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All products on the website have a 3 years warranty. During this period, in the event of a breakdown or defect under warranty, we provide warranty support and post-warranty service.

Lighting fixtures, chandeliers, floor lamps, sconces - a great functional solution for any room. We understand this like no one else, because we have been specializing in lighting fixtures for over 10 years. Our company works directly with leading European manufacturers. We offer a wide range of opportunities to buy both wholesale and retail.

To create a cozy atmosphere, to bring light into your homes, offices, homesteads - our main mission. We diligently follow the trends on the market to collect in one space current models from the world's best brands. Our catalog features a wide range of products for indoor and outdoor lighting. From built-in slots to street lights of different configurations.

Customer care is one of the fundamental principles of our company. The online store has a loyalty system, including seasonal discounts, promotional offers on products. If you have any problems with the choice or additional questions, managers will always help and find the best solution.